Angela James at the CFA Conference

CFA Conference

Angela James at the CFA Conference

In May 2019, our principal physio Angela James presented at the NSW Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) conference. 

Ange opened the conference with a lecture on ‘Exercise & The Pelvic Floor Muscles’.

Ange’s primary intention was for health professionals to understand the importance of, and advocate for all women to receive a physical assessment 6 weeks after birth or caesarean section. 

Conference Note from Dr Jenny King: 

For many years I have lectured to medical students who are completely underwhelmed at the prospect of discussing incontinence for the next two hours. So I start by telling them that continence problems can affect any patient in any specialty and significantly complicate management. Being at least aware of current research directions and treatment options will inevitably improve their overall care of that patient.

As it is for all of us working in continence. Individually we may not look after children or spinal injury patients but everything we learn adds to our knowledge and the skills we bring to our patients. This year’s conference focusses on keeping us up to date with research and treatments across the board – “Breaking News in Continence”. This includes assessment of new technologies and presentations from experts in behavioural therapy for children and the elderly.

The Continence Foundation of Australia NSW is delighted to be able to present this meeting. We are also very appreciative of our sponsors and CFA national who help make this possible. Our warmest thanks to you all for attending today.

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