Pelvic Yoga + Yoga + Yin Yoga

Our 1:1 and small-group yoga classes provide a safe, personalised and quality yoga practice with a clear focus on alignment, core control, breath regulation and mindfulness. Classes are suitable for all body types and experience levels, with variations offered to suit our beginners and our advanced students. We run a range of yoga classes, including Yin Yoga for a slow, meditative practice, and Pelvic Yoga for a focus on the pelvis that brings a feeling of ease and comfort throughout your body. Our classes will increase your flexibility, improve your spinal and pelvic health, calm your nervous system and boost your mood.


An ideal class for those who are new to the practice and those who wish to move at a slower pace, embody their movement experience and fine tune their alignment. We will explore best practice for each pose.

The practice will include:

  • Clear instructions and guidance
  • safe transitions in and out of poses
  • poses to build strength
  • a focus on balancing and settling the nervous system
  • a final relaxation pose to allow for integration

This mindful class combines breath, movement and intention, helping to settle the nervous system and shift you into an integrated state feeling fully present.

Suitable for all levels.

Beginner / Intermediate

An ideal class for both beginner and intermediate students. We incorporate a vinyasa style of movement, linking a series of movements in a steady flow.

Students can expect to feel comfortably challenged with clear guidance to support you through the practice. Differentiated levels of poses are offered to suit your level of experience.

Classes start with attention to breath and warm-up movements, and progress through standing sequences including sun salutations and seated postures. We build awareness of how to move through transitions as well as developing core strength in each pose. The practice finishes with a relaxation pose to help the body integrate the practice on a cellular level.

Leave feeling revitalised and energised. Suitable for all levels.

Pelvic Yoga

This class focuses on restoring a sense of ease and comfort in your whole body, but especially your pelvis. In the 60-minute class you will deepen your connection to your body, breath and pelvis through a series of mindful, yet purposeful, movements targeted to the muscles, fascia and nerves in and around the pelvic bowl. You will discover innovative breath and movement patterns to release pelvic tension on and off the yoga mat. This class is an ideal complement to working with your pelvic physio to restore optimal levels of pelvic health.

Therapeutic Yoga

Our personalised 1:1 therapeutic yoga sessions aim to offer our clients the time and space to explore how the principles and practices of yoga support symptom reduction, confidence and ease of movement, cultivate a calm and focused mind and a compassionate stance towards one’s experience of illness or injury.

In collaboration with you and your treating Physiotherapist, we tailor movement, supported postures, breathing techniques, meditation styles and relaxation practices to your needs, and generate sequences to perform at home.

These sessions are highly encouraged for clients who are experiencing persistent or chronic pain, or those working with stress, sensitised nervous system, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Yin Yoga

A weekly class of slow, guided meditative Yin Yoga practice. This mindful approach helps to neutralise negative emotions, sensations or thoughts as you stay and use the breath to bring you back to that still steady place within. Yin Yoga is known to have many benefits, some of which include;

  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Increased circulation and flexibility
  • Calming of the mind and body
  • Reduced fascial tension
  • Achieving deeper relaxation

Meet your Yoga Teacher

How Do I Book My Spot?

Please book an Initial Physio Consult to determine the exercise class most suited to your needs as it is important we know your history, exercise capabilities and specific goals before you get started. Your Physiotherapist will complete an assessment and recommend a tailored exercise plan to ensure you are booked into the right type of exercise class for you. You can visit us at our Spring St, Bondi Junction clinic, or attend your appointment via telehealth.

Please ensure you have paid for your classes with reception prior to booking into your class.

Health Fund Rebates

Our classes are eligible for Private Health Insurance rebates for Clients that have attended a Physio appointment first. Rebates are dependent on your individual fund and level of cover. Please check with your fund prior to booking to avoid disappointment.