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Pelvic Physio

Sydney Pelvic Clinic was established to provide a specialised service for men and women suffering with pelvic dysfunction. We see an increasing number of people from Sydney and all over regional Australia as well as interstate and international clients with a wide range of pelvic issues. Many of these people have suffered for a long time and feel relieved to finally find a solution to their issue.

Let’s Talk About This

Issues in the pelvic region can sometimes be a source of embarrassment as well as not always being sure that the pelvis is the source of your concerns! We are experienced in working with men, women, trans* people and children to help you talk about and describe the nature of your pain or difficulty. We’re here to help you overcome these challenges so that you can live a higher quality of life free from pain, discomfort and embarrassment. We will work with you with sensitivity and discretion. Telehealth appointments are also available if you prefer not to come into the clinic, or if you live outside of Sydney.

Our Approach

Our team of committed, passionate and highly-trained Physiotherapists provide a uniquely integrated, evidence-based approach to managing and improving the pelvic health of men and women. We will work with you to develop an individualised management plan to achieve your goals.

Patient Outcomes

The pelvis is a powerful area of our bodies that is known to be the source of many of life’s pleasures and pains. Pelvic health can dramatically impact overall quality of life. Some of the conditions related to the pelvic region may even surprise you! Here are just some of the positive outcomes we help our clients to experience through pelvic physio.

  • No leaking when running or exercising
  • Optimal preparation for prostate or prolapse surgery
  • Freedom from general hip or pelvic pain
  • Improved strength in the pelvic region
  • improved bladder and bowel control and function
  • reduction in genital pain in both males and females
  • Ability to gain and maintain an erection
  • Enjoying pain free sex and achieving orgasm
  • Relief from the pain and discomfort from specific conditions, such as; Pudendal Neuralgia or Pelvic Girdle Pain
  • Optimal preparation for pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery


If you’re experiencing pain in any of these areas, book a consult with one of our experienced Physiotherapists and don’t let pain and discomfort hold you back any longer.