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Sydney Pelvic Clinic provides a specialised service for babies, children and teenagers suffering with pelvic pain or dysfunction and general paediatric concerns to help them grow and thrive at their best.

Paediatric Physio Services Sydney

Paediatric Physio

At Sydney Pelvic Clinic, we help babies, children and teenagers develop and grow using functional and fun strategies that combine our pelvic health expertise with a range of general paediatric physio services for an integrated approach to treatment that ensures your child is both healthy and happy.

Our highly-trained Physiotherapists work with children from ex premature to newborns to toddlers to teenagers to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of pelvic and general developmental and neurological development concerns, including bed wetting, head flattening, balance and mobility issues, or pain and discomfort in the pelvic region.

By working in partnership with parents and other treating health professionals, we can help your child thrive as they develop and grow with optimal health.

Our Children’s health service includes:

  • Kid’s Continence Service & Pelvic Physio
  • General Paediatric Physio

Kid’s Continence

From bedwetting and constipation to faecal incontinence and pain when using the toilet, children can experience a range of distressing and uncomfortable symptoms related to continence. At Sydney Pelvic Clinic, we provide a specialised Kid’s Continence service led by our Paediatric Pelvic Physiotherapists Kathy Jennings APAM & Bronwyn Scahill APAM. We can help your child or teenager break free of continence issues to regain their health and confidence.

Our experienced pelvic Physiotherapists will listen to you and your child, do a thorough assessment, provide education and understanding of the problem as well as give you a treatment plan to address your family’s concerns. As part of our multidisciplinary approach we may refer your child to specialists if there is a need for further assessment or investigation.

Meet the Kid’s Continence Team

Kathy & Bronwyn provide pelvic physio services for children and teenagers.

Bronwyn is an experienced Physiotherapist, and uses her knowledge to achieve long-term, sustainable outcomes for young people and their families. She is member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the NSW Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Group.

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Kathy is a dedicated and experienced children’s health Physiotherapist who is passionate about pelvic health. She is committed to the management of bladder and bowel dysfunction, and pelvic pain in children. She is a member of the Continence Foundation of Australia and the APA.

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Non-Pelvic Paediatric Physio

Paediatric Physio

We offer a physio service for children from newborn to teenager, working in partnership with parents to address concerns with your child’s physical and neurological development. Our Physiotherapists will assess your child and provide advice and reassurance. We may also recommend play-based intervention and development programs and find ways to integrate changes easily into your lifestyle and routine. We believe paediatric physiotherapy works best when it is both fun and functional, so that your child is not even aware they are doing it.

Meet our Paediatric Physiotherapist

Venus provides physio services for babies through to toddlers (walking age).

Venus has years of experience in baby movement and handling skills to promote development. Venus sees babies from birth right up to walking age. Conditions she regularly treats in babies include Plagiocephaly, Torticollis, Talipes, and developmental delay. Venus is passionate about teaching parent’s ways to use play to benefit children with developmental disorders.

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Getting Started

Children’s Health Services

Complete Assessment

Your qualified physiotherapist will begin by assessing your child’s symptoms and pelvis. This includes a thorough review of their symptoms and medical history, and a full physical assessment of their pelvis, which may involve a Real Time Ultrasound to assess the bladder and pelvic floor muscles.

Children’s Health Services

Diagnosis & Explanation

Once the cause of your child’s pain or dysfunction has been diagnosed, your physiotherapist will discuss the findings with you and your child, as well as explaining treatment options and expected outcomes. We combine our holistic, integrated approach with cutting-edge technology to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Children’s Health Services

Treatment Plan

Your physiotherapist will tailor an individual treatment plan to suit your child’s specific needs, which may include one or more of the following; pelvic floor and pelvic muscle exercises, education and therapy, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, bladder and bowel training, specific exercise rehabilitation, home management plans for ongoing treatment.

Conditions We Treat

If you’re concerned about your child’s continence, pelvic or general health, the team at Sydney Pelvic Clinic is here to help. We treat a wide range of paediatric conditions to get your child back to optimal health.

Bed Wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Bedwetting occurs when the bladder empties involuntarily during sleep. It can be caused by a number of factors, including an overactive bladder, inability to wake up to a full bladder, or the kidneys producing too much urine at night.

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Constipation or Faecal Incontinence

Constipation is when ‘poo’ or bowel motions are difficult to pass and occur infrequently. We’ll assess your child’s symptoms and medical history, as well as looking at diet, exercise and lifestyle factors to develop an individual bowel management plan.

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Daytime Wetting

If your child is experiencing ‘accidents’ during the day, it’s important for us to explore the cause, develop an effective treatment plan, and put a strategy in place to retrain the bladder.

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General Paediatric Conditions

As with all aspects of health, prevention – or at the very least, addressing concerns early – is always best. This is especially true when it comes to children. If you have any concerns about your child’s health and development, our experienced paediatric physios can help.

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Pain With Urinating or Defecating

If your child is experiencing pain when passing urine or a bowel movement, it’s crucial for this to be assessed. Pain can be an indication of an infection, constipation, muscle tension or skin problems.

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Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain in children may be a generalised ache or a sharp stabbing pain in the pelvic region. This pain should always be fully investigated to avoid symptoms becoming chronic and to establish the best course of treatment to ensure your child is free of pain and discomfort.

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Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome)

PLAGIOCEPHALY (FLAT HEAD SYNDROME)Plagiocephaly – also called ‘flat head syndrome’ – is a condition where a flat spot forms on a baby’s head, usually at the side. It does not…
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Case Studies

Discover how our expert Physiotherapists have helped children overcome a range of health issues, from bedwetting to pelvic pain.

Children's Case Studies

Moving On From Bedwetting

Suffering from frequent bedwetting and constipation, we helped this 8-year-old patient alleviate her symptoms and stop bedwetting within weeks.

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