We offer post-natal physio-led exercise classes, and advanced circuit classes for when you’re ready to take your post-natal recovery to the next stage.

Who Are Post-Natal Physio-led Exercise Classes For?

Suitable for mums of bubs from 6 weeks to 8 months, these classes focus on rehabilitating the muscles involved in pregnancy and delivery and help prepare you for the demands of motherhood and returning to more demanding exercise. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • Physio-led exercises to guide you from pregnancy to early post-natal and then to higher intensity and load
  • A mixture of low intensity cardiorespiratory exercise, upper body and lower body strengthening, graded return to core exercise, flexibility and postural awareness
  • Designed to restore your pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles to optimal function and resilience as a new mum
  • Form connections with other mums in the local area which may end up turning into close bonds and mothers groups in the future
  • Education threaded through class to teach you about your posture, your pelvic floor, your body and your mindset.

Post-Natal Advanced Circuit Classes

This circuit-based exercise class is run by expert Physiotherapists. The class will feature different exercise stations, each with a different focus such as pelvic floor, glutes, abdominals and functional exercises. 

A general guide for our circuit classes is that you have already attended our Mums n Bubs classes and have been told by the Physiotherapist that you can progress to a higher level of post-natal appropriate exercise. This is a great class to return you to your exercise goals. Please make sure you inform your Physio of these goals. We love working together to reach great outcomes!

How Do I Book My Spot?

Please book a Post-Natal Assessment to address any underlying issues for your pelvic floor or stomach muscles, or concerns you may have about returning to exercise after birth. It is important we know your history, exercise capabilities and specific goals so that your Physiotherapist can recommend a tailored exercise plan to address your needs. You can visit us at our Spring St, Bondi Junction clinic, or attend your appointment via telehealth.

How Can I Bring My Bub With Me?

At Sydney Pelvic Clinic, our goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for everyone to access exercise, especially Mums. We have solutions dependent on your child’s age to place them safely in your sights during your class.

Non Crawlers (up to approx. 6 mths)

Your baby can be placed on a rug/mat or in a pram next to you while you exercise.

Crawlers (approx. 6-12 mths) & Toddlers (approx. 12-18 mths)

We can place your child in our Crèche, with plenty of things to keep them occupied while you exercise. The Crèche is in sight within the exercise space itself. Please note that no direct supervision of children is provided and you are ultimately responsible for your own child. Note that the crèche play pen may not be suitable if your child is a keen climber.

Older Kids

If you have an older child have a chat with our wonderful reception team and we’ll try to find a solution that will best meet yours and your child’s needs. We may set them up in a corner of the room or in our reception waiting area (just outside the exercise class space) with a book, game, some colouring, etc, as long as you feel they won’t disrupt the clinic or the class they are welcome to come.

Health Fund Rebates

Our classes are eligible for Private Health Insurance rebates for Clients that have attended a Physio appointment first. Rebates are dependent on your individual fund and level of cover. Please check with your fund prior to booking to avoid disappointment.