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Focused Shockwave Therapy is the Best Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease and pelvic pain.

Are you experiencing issues such as erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease or even chronic pelvic pain syndrome? Then Focused Shockwave Therapy could be the best treatment option for you.

What is Focused Shockwave Therapy?

Focused Shockwave Therapy involves a device, called a wand. It’s then placed near the different areas of the penis. The device will be moved, for a total of 15 minutes, as it emits gentle pulses. The whole treatment is designed to be as painless as possible, and no anaesthetic is required. It started being used in clinical practices in 1982 and it is based on years of evidence.

How does Focused Shockwave Therapy Work?

The pulses trigger blood flow and they also encourage tissue remodelling as well. These changes can lead to an erection, sufficient for sex. Most impotency issues stem from blood flow and retention, and both of these issues are simultaneously addressed with this treatment. Focused Shockwave Therapy has a very high success rate with erectile dysfunction, and there are no known side effects. The treatment is focused on natural growth and recovery. It’s also drug-free, with no injections, chemicals or pills. As new blood cells are stimulated, you can expect better blood flow to your penis as well, resulting in stronger erections that last longer.


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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and maintain an erection, suited to sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is seen in up to 50% of men over the age of 40. Studies have shown that Shockwave Therapy is ideal for improving erection hardness and it is also suited to men who have vascular-driven erectile dysfunction. If you have tried medication and it doesn’t quite do what you are looking for, then Focused Shockwave Therapy can easily give you better results. If you have tried medication and to no avail, then Shockwave Therapy can still help you with your erection. The thought of undergoing Shockwave Therapy can invoke feelings of anxiety, but it is actually a really simple process that normally isn’t painful and it can deliver remarkable results. Our professionals are highly trained and able to ensure a high standard of professionalism throughout, with a dignified process that will put you at ease.

Peyronie’s Disease

This disease occurs when you have calcification in the tunica albuginea. This is the fibrous tissue that covers the testis. If you have this condition, it can lead to painful erections. It’s estimated that around 10% of men have Peyronie’s Disease, to some extent. So what is Peyronie’s Disease? It’s essentially curvature of the penis. Risk factors include trauma, hypertension, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and prostatectomy. Shockwave Therapy is great for this, as it can help you to improve the curvature of your penis. It can also reduce plaque size and it can help you with penile pain as well. If you have a severe curve, or if you have a curve that is more than 90 degrees then it’s not likely that the full curve will be straightened, but you can greatly improve the function of your penis if you seek immediate treatment.

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Chronic Pelvic Pain
Syndrome (CPPS)

CPPS is the occurrence of pelvic pain. There will be no proven infection and it affects around 10% of men in Australia. If you have this condition, then you may find that you have pain in the penis as well as around your perineum. You may also have pain in your back passage, your testicles and changes in your bladder. Focused shockwave therapy is great for this condition because it can improve your quality of life.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Focused Shockwave Therapy can be used to treat a huge range of musculoskeletal conditions. It is non-invasive and it can reduce pain while helping inflammation. It can also be used to promote tissue regeneration. Focused Shockwave Therapy has been applied to orthopaedic conditions and it is great for helping fractures and wound healing. It can also be used to treat upper and lower limb tendinopathies.

Scar Tissue

For people with scar tissue, Focused Shockwave Therapy is also a viable treatment option. In the past, doctors have cut out scar tissue via laparoscopic surgery but with this, you run the risk of creating even more scar tissue. Shockwave Therapy has many years of work put into it and it has the ability to penetrate right below the skin’s surface. It can also help to break up scar tissue on a cellular level. The scar tissue is brittle and it breaks up new vessels as they are formed. The tissue then heals, and it is far stronger and more flexible. This restores full mobility and makes it easier for you to relieve discomfort. Of course, if you are experiencing deep muscle issues regarding your scar tissue or if you have other scars that you feel would benefit from Shockwave Therapy, then the only thing that you have to do is contact our team and we will talk you through any questions that you might have.


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