Faecal Incontinence

Faecal incontinence is a term used to describe leakage from the bowel, poor ability to control flatus (wind) or staining of underwear (faecal smearing).

Faecal incontinence is often associated with weakness in the pelvic floor muscles and/or issues with the internal or external anal sphincter. You may also experience faecal urgency, where there is very little time between a bowel urge and needing to find a toilet for the bowel movement. Pelvic floor muscle training and optimising bowel habits are very effective in managing faecal incontinence.

Your Sydney Pelvic Clinic physiotherapist will help identify the issues contributing to your symptoms, and then prescribe a specific management plan to most effectively overcome your symptoms.

For more information, please see Getting to the Bottom of Faecal Incontinence.