Physio-Led Exercise Classes

Physio Exercise Classes are a high-value, evidence-based complement to your physiotherapy treatment. This ensures your outcome is robust over the long-term. In our small group classes you will be guided back to the blueprint of your body, which is often lost through injuries, poor posture or bad habits. Every class is led by a pelvic physiotherapist, who understands how to select exercises that are safe for you, and allow you to build strength, stability, flexibility and ultimately balance within your body. We have a strong focus on education and connecting you to your body throughout movement. Our classes can cater to all levels of ability from absolute beginner through to advanced and elite levels. Read our Class Types for more details.

Class Format

Our classes are 60 minutes long. Every class will have a unique set of exercises delivered by the instructor. You can expect each class to be comprised of:

Warm Up

To connect you to your body and improve your flexibility.

Balance Series

To build pelvic and ankle stability.

Squats & Lunges

To build pelvic power and functionality.

Planks & Core Exercises

For core strength.

Focus of the week

Each week our classes have a different focus, such as pelvic floor, gluteals or posture, to ensure we cover every aspect of your body’s needs. This creates diversity of movement, educates you about your body, and promotes resilience in your muscle system.

Types of Physio Exercise Classes

We offer Physio Exercise Classes in Foundations, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Please read the class descriptions for more information and speak to your Physiotherapist about the class most suited to you.

Our foundations class is designed for people who have never been shown how to squat, lunge or plank correctly, or would simply like their technique checked by a Physiotherapist. We encourage all new participants to attend at least one foundations class. This class provides you with the correct foundations of movement before moving into a beginner or intermediate class. You may benefit from more than one foundational class.

Beginner classes spend more time on setting up correct alignment and posture for each exercise. The instructor will give you entry level options with a few harder progressions so that we can tailor the class to your level. Beginner classes suit people with poor balance, those new to our classes, those who may have had a break from exercise, or haven’t had a long history of exercise in general. It is also a good choice when rehabbing from an injury but please make sure you inform your teacher of pre-existing injuries before you begin our classes.

Intermediate classes are suitable for participants who have been exercising regularly and are looking for a good burn. It is assumed you know how to squat, lunge and plank with correct technique before entering these classes. Your teacher will observe your technique and provide plenty of feedback if required. There will be easier and harder options for you in this class so that you can feel safe but also challenged during your class.

Advanced classes require a high level of fitness and strength, and excellent body awareness. It is assumed that you know how to perform squats, lunges and planks with high level control. Typically, our advanced participants have been exercising at the intermediate level for at least 6-12 months, or are currently strength training at a high level. You can expect to be challenged with core exercises as well as functional co-ordination in these classes.

How Do I Book My Spot?

Please book an Initial Physio Consult to determine the exercise class most suited to your needs as it is important we know your history, exercise capabilities and specific goals before you get started. Your Physiotherapist will complete an assessment and recommend a tailored exercise plan to ensure you are booked into the right type of exercise class for you. You can visit us at our Spring St, Bondi Junction clinic, or attend your appointment via telehealth.

Please ensure you have paid for your classes with reception prior to booking into your class.

Health Fund Rebates

Our classes are eligible for Private Health Insurance rebates for Clients that have attended a Physio appointment first. Rebates are dependent on your individual fund and level of cover. Please check with your fund prior to booking to avoid disappointment.