Pregnancy, Birth & Recovery Program

Discover the most comprehensive pregnancy program for every stage of your incredible journey.


Supporting Women’s Health From Pregnancy to Motherhood

Be empowered with better health throughout pregnancy, childbirth and into the future, as you embark on life’s most exciting chapter.

From evidence-based physio and tailored health services to exercise programs and educational workshops, our integrated program supports your physical and mental health at each stage. With a personalised approach and ongoing support, we’ll help you achieve a smooth pregnancy, a positive birth experience, and healthier living into motherhood and beyond.

You have an amazing journey ahead; we’re here to support you at every step. Your first step is to book a Pregnancy Assessment.


Whether vaginal or via caesarean section, birth is a major event that changes your body, impacting mothers to differing degrees. For optimal postpartum recovery, it is critical to understand how the process has affected you, so that you can rehabilitate your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles effectively and return to all the activities you enjoy.

Find out more about our Post-Natal Assessment.

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About Bump, Birth & Beyond

Evidence-Based Physio

Our evidence-based physio services for pregnancy, birth and recovery focus on enhancing pelvic, physical and mental health. From pelvic floor and pre-existing conditions to mindset and lifestyle, our qualified physios will help ensure your body is prepared and strengthened for the journey ahead.

pregnancy program Sydney


Maintain your health and fitness during the prenatal and postnatal stages, for a smoother pregnancy and better health outcomes. Our exercise services include pelvic floor training and physio-led exercise classes tailored to your pregnancy stage, available online or in our state-of-the-art studio.

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Be informed with expert knowledge about every stage of your pregnancy, with evidence-based online education. Take part in live Q&A sessions with health experts, join insightful webinars and workshops, and learn how to make the best choices for your ongoing health.

pregnancy program Sydney


Bump, Birth and Beyond is all about empowering you to have the healthiest, happiest pregnancy experience. Benefit from ongoing support and guidance from the BBB community and access all the tools, resources and products you need for a stress-free pregnancy journey.

Program Stages

Weeks 12-35

Feel supported, prepared, and in control as you embark on your powerful journey towards childbirth.

Bump Physio Assessments
Pregnancy Goals & Tracking
Pelvic Floor Training & Support
Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Webinar
Pregnancy Exercise Classes

Weeks 36-Birth

Receive all the help, guidance, and support you need to have a healthy, positive, and stress-free birth.

Birth Prep Physio Sessions
Physio SOS Support Service
Pelvic Floor Training & Support
Relaxation Massage
Birth Prep Webinar

Weeks + 2-16

Get personalised care for a smooth post-natal recovery and be empowered to reach your post-birth goals.

Telehealth Birth Check-in & Reflection
Post-Natal Goal Planning & Tracking
Pelvic Floor Recovery Exercise
Relaxation or Remedial Massage
After-Birth Restore Webinar
Mums ‘n’ Bubs Classes

To get started, book a Bump Physio Assessment and your assigned Physiotherapist will recommend the best suite of services for your individual needs.

A Healthier Pregnancy. A Smoother Recovery.

Every body responds differently to pregnancy and childbirth. That’s why Bump, Birth and Beyond is tailored to your specific needs. Our health experts will work with you to address a wide range of pregnancy-related health conditions, including prenatal health and post-birth recovery, with support from our in-house Physios other health professionals. From strengthening your pelvic floor to ensuring you’re informed about your birth choices to recovering from a C-section, we’re here to provide the expert support and care you need at every stage of your pregnancy and beyond.

The below conditions are supported as part of your structured Bump, Birth and Beyond program or through individual services.

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Labour Preparation

Birth-Related Injuries & Trauma

C-Section Recovery

Abdominal Muscle Separation

The BBB Difference


Insights At Every Stage

As you develop through your pregnancy and into post-natal life, we’ll assess and benchmark each stage so you can easily track your progress and take charge of your own outcomes.


A Focus On Pelvic Health

As experts in pelvic health, we know that pelvic floor training is the key to a positive pregnancy experience, as well as assisting in recovery from birth trauma, complexities, and pre-existing conditions.


Female-Focused & Led

For women, by women. We focus on your health and wellbeing over the course of your pregnancy, during birth, and into the future – because you deserve the healthiest life post-childbirth.


Prepared, Informed & In Control

By educating and informing you about potential outcomes involving pregnancy, childbirth and recovery, we empower you to make decisions that are best for your health, your body and your lifestyle.

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