Sydney Pelvic Clinic provides a specialised massage service for men and women. We offer relaxation massage to help you unwind, remedial or sports massage to address pain or prevent injury to specific parts of the body, and safe and relaxing pregnancy massages for all stages of bump to beyond.

Personalised Massage

Massage is a very individual treatment and as such our qualified Massage Therapists will discuss your needs to ensure that you receive the massage that is right for you.

Sports Massage Services Sydney

Remedial & Sports Massage

Remedial and Sports massage aims to address or prevent specific pain or injury. This involves more specific techniques to stimulate blood flow in muscles and to stretch connective tissues. Sports massage is used by athletes, runners, swimmers, and all sports enthusiasts to increase endurance and improve performance. Our Massage Therapists work closely with our Physiotherapists leveraging their experience to help with more complex treatments.

Relaxation Massage

Uses low to moderate pressure and a series of slow movements which is perfectly designed to reduce stress. It is not uncommon for our patients to fall asleep during this escape from the rigours of day to day life! If you want to pamper yourself why not try an extended 1.5 hour massage.

Relaxation Massage Services Sydney
Pregnancy Massage Services Sydney

Pregnancy Massage

Helps with the aches and pains encountered during the pre-natal period. All of our massage therapists are trained in pregnancy massage and use modified methods and the assistance of belly pillows when required to ensure a comfortable and safe massage for you and your baby.

Our Team

All of our Massage Therapists are qualified with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. This means you may be eligible for a Health Fund rebate. Avoid disappointment by checking with your fund before you book.

20% Off Your First Massage!

We’re confident that once you’ve experienced our Massage Team’s magical hands, you’ll be destined to return, so why not claim 20% off your first 60 minute massage and get started?

Massage Services Sydney

Massage Benefits

Human touch is a powerful thing and the benefits are many.

Relief from muscle stiffness/soreness

Relaxation and general health and well being

Stress relief

Relief from tension headaches

Assists with pre exercise warm ups

Aids post exercise recovery