Sydney Pelvic Clinic provides a specialised health service for men, women and children suffering with pelvic pain or dysfunction.

Physio Services

At Sydney Pelvic Clinic we offer a specialised pelvic and general physio health service for the whole family.

Pelvic Physio Services Sydney

Pelvic Physio

The pelvis is a powerful part of the body and can hold the key to an improved quality of life. By focusing on pelvic health, we help our clients live with more freedom, comfort and confidence, by overcoming conditions such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction.

General Physio

At Sydney Pelvic Clinic, our approach to general and sports physiotherapy is integrated and individualised. We seek the core driver of the problem, then use innovative and effective evidence based therapy, including soft tissue and joint mobilisation, muscle energy techniques and dry needle therapy combined with education and specific exercise rehabilitation to achieve optimal results.

General Physio Services Sydney

Emsella Chair

Introducing BTL Emsella at Sydney Pelvic Clinic, a revolutionary breakthrough treatment for stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence and sexual dysfunction for both women and men. Utilising high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to provide those suffering from incontinence and sexual dysfunction with a non-invasive and pain free option.

Paediatric Physio

At Sydney Pelvic Clinic, our Paediatric Physiotherapists Kathy Jennings APAM & Bronwyn Scahill APAM provide a specialised pelvic health service for children called Kid’s Continence, which assists children and teenagers with continence conditions.

We also work with children sometimes as young as one week old to improve physical and neurological development. Working in partnership with parents, we use play-based intervention and development programs to integrate changes easily into your child’s lifestyle and routine.

We believe paediatric physiotherapy works best when the child is not even aware they are doing it, it should be fun and functional!

Paediatric Physio Services Sydney