Do Your Pelvic Floor Exercises Daily

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Do Your Pelvic Floor Exercises Daily

Over 80% of those who report incontinence are women, particularly those who have had a baby. Bladder, bowel and pelvic health problems are incorrectly perceived as a normal part of motherhood or ageing. That is a myth. It is common but NOT normal and over half of those women are under the age of 50 years. (Source: Continence Foundation of Australia)

Take a look at this video from the Continence Foundation of Australia featuring Bev Killick – The Continence Champion, which is helping to make pelvic floor exercises part of your daily routine.

There’s more information on this topic available at The Continence Foundation of Australia. Alternatively, the following resources are available on our website:

For an individualized assessment and prescription of Pelvic floor exercises to help with your specific problem, book an appointment with Sydney Pelvic Clinic today.


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