Ultra Trail 2019

Ultra Trail Team

Ultra Trail 2019

This May, we hit the hills to contest the annual Ultra-Trail event. Amidst beautiful Blue Mountain scenery, we stepped and sweated through a variety of events. PB’s were broken and the runners emerged tired but happy – it’s been a long preparation and now everyone can enjoy a well-earnt rest. 

Here are the stats from our big day!

  Distance 2018 2019 Improvement
Matt 50km 6:15 5:42 -33 min
Pete 50km 6:15 6:03 -12 min
Ange 22km 2:40 2:32 -8 min
Tom & Joe 1km Smashed it! Smashed it! Massive!
Ultra Trail Junior Runners
Ultra Trail Junior Runners

Looking for a challenge? Consider joining our team for a run! We’re in a variety of events through the year including Park Runs, Road Runs, and Trail Runs such as the Ultra-Trail. Running is a fun activity and it’s most fun to run with a team!


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