Katy Mackay APAM


Katy has spent her life dedicated to movement based therapy, starting out as a personal trainer and then graduating from Macquarie University with a Doctorate of Physiotherapy. She developed an interest in pelvic physio after experiencing some pelvic issues herself and now lives and breathes the pelvic population! She particularly loves working with new mums to problem solve and navigate the changes in their bodies and lifestyle. Katy also has a passion for treating sexual dysfunction, bladder issues and persistent pelvic pain and has extensive experience working with incontinence and endometriosis. She is currently completing her Graduate Certificate of Pelvic Physiotherapy through Melbourne University.

Katy teaches clinical pilates and utilises movement principles into her physiotherapy approach.

Outside of work, Katy loves sweating it out on the reformer and is learning to surf!


  • Bachelor of Professional Communications (Honours) (RMIT)
  • Doctorate of Physiotherapy (MQU)
  • APA Introductory Women’s Health
  • APA Women’s Pelvic Health Level 1
  • APA Women’s Health through the Life Stages Level 1
  • APA Women’s Pelvic Health Level 2
  • WHTA POP and SUI
  • WHTA Pelvic Pain
  • Advanced Dry Needling

Areas of Specialisation

  • Musculoskeletal conditions including sacroiliac pain, low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries
  • Pregnancy related conditions- pelvic girdle pain, incontinence, birth preparation
  • Postnatal- pelvic floor rehabilitation, rectus abdominus diastasis, mastitis management
  • Women’s pelvic health including incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse


  • Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)
  • APA Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Group