Pregnancy Exercise Plan

Pregnancy is a special time, and keeping good physical health is an essential part of enjoying and thriving, both during and beyond this period. Becoming pregnant and entering into motherhood places huge demands on the mother’s physical body, especially around the pelvis. It is essential that the pelvis maintains good alignment and adequate muscular support (including the pelvic floor) throughout pregnancy. This is something a pregnancy exercise plan can help with. Sydney Pelvic Clinic provides a wide range of programs to support your pregnancy:

Pelvic Floor Programs:

Ever wondered if you are doing your PFM exercises correctly, or enough to achieve a good result? Do you want to prevent incontinence in the short and long term? Are you concerned your PFM might not cope with returning to more a vigorous exercise regime? Would you like to improve your sex life? All of these things can be achieved IF the exercises are performed correctly! We provide specific assessments (using pressure biofeedback and Real Time Ultrasound) which will leave you confident you have the right muscles in the right dosage to achieve the results you need.

Pelvic Floor Links:

Pregnancy Exercise Plan: Pre & Post Natal Exercise:

We provide pregnancy exercise classes, Physio Rehab and home programs to accommodate each person’s situation. They are all great choices to maintain strength and stability for the whole body, including the pelvis during the pre and post natal period. The exercises are carefully selected from specially trained Physiotherapists who understand the needs of the body in the pre and post natal period, including rehabilitation following a caesarean section (very important to rehabilitate properly!).

Pre & Post-Natal Exercise Links:

Pregnancy Treatment:

We have expertise in managing the injuries/pain that can arise during the pregnancy period. In particular, conditions treated included: SIJ, low back, rib and neck pain. Treatment includes deep tissue release, dry needling (acupuncture), muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisations, taping etc. All treatments are safe and effective for the pregnant body.

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Diastasis Management:

We provide management, including abdominal binding and exercise prescription, to assist the recovery of abdominal diastases. Early intervention is the key to great results. Contact our team to learn more.

Preparation for labour:

We provide perineum/pelvic floor massage & TENS hire for optimal deliveries. We look forward to helping you maintain and improve your health and fitness throughout your pre and post natal journey. Please contact our team to learn more about pregnancy and birth preparation with Sydney Pelvic Clinic.

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