The Pregnant Pelvis - An Integrated Approach

The Pregnant Pelvis – An Integrated Approach

The Pregnant Pelvis - An Integrated Approach




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*Live event is fully catered, including morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.



Using a biopsychosocial framework combined with the latest evidence and almost 20 years of clinical experience, this 8 hour course aims to improve your confidence and competence in managing women with Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PrPGP).

This course reviews the most updated terminology and research for PrPGP, as well as the functional anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvic girdle. You will learn about the physiological changes relevant to Pregnancy, how to assess and treat the pelvic girdle, including the sacroiliac and pubic symphysis joints specific to PrGPG.

You’ll also understand how best to prescribe exercises for PrPGP alongside the relevant contra-indications for your patients. Evidence on pelvic floor muscle function, including when to perform or refer on for an internal examination will be explored. At the end of the course you will review a case study allowing demonstration and reinforcement of clinical reasoning to effectively manage patients with PrPGP.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, you will:


  • Understand the evidence based risk factors and prevention strategies for PrPGP, including psychosocial factors
  • Review the relationship between PrPGP and pelvic floor muscle function and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)
  • Know the updated evidence on pelvic floor muscle training in pregnancy, and how it differs with PrPGP
  • Know why and when to perform or refer on for an internal pelvic examination NB: this course does not include training on internal examination or treatment
  • Understand the biomechanics of the pelvic girdle, including the form/force closure model for pelvic girdle stability
  • Improve your knowledge of pregnancy-related changes affecting the pelvic girdle, including a discussion on the role of relaxin and other pregnancy hormones
  • Review the functional anatomy of the pelvic girdle, including the sacroiliac and pubic symphysis joints
  • Understand the site specific changes of pregnancy to the abdominal wall, including a discussion on the latest research for abdominal separation
  • Effectively assess a patient presenting with PrPGP, including sacroiliac joint and pubic symphysis assessment including use of relevant functional tests
  • Understand the relevant outcome measures and screening tools to thoroughly assess the psychosocial aspects to PrPGP
  • Understand the importance of effective communication and developing a strong therapeutic alliance with your patients
  • Learn how to apply effective treatments to achieve a positive outcome for patients presenting with PrPGP
  • Learn the clinical reasoning and skills required to apply tape and support belts with patients with PrPGP
  • Understand the relevant contra-indications and precautions to exercise during pregnancy
  • Understand the rationale and be able to design a basic lumbo-pelvic stability program for patients presenting with pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain
  • Feel confident managing a woman with PrPGP throughout her pregnancy using a evidence based, biopsychosocial approach


The Pregnant Pelvis Adelaide 2020
The Pregnant Pelvis Adelaide 2020


Course Feedback

Feedback from our Antwerp Course, 2020: 


  1. Incredibly good teacher with expert knowledge!
  2. A refreshment in the world of pelvic floor physiotherapists!
  3. A great balanced mix between theory and practice and you can immediately transfer the acquired knowledge to practice
  4. Loved the teacher! What fantastic education! So interesting and loved the
    integration of the biopsychosocial model
  5. A very good speaker with a lot of knowledge Nice to hear so much expertise from
    the other side of the world



Cancellation Policy

a) Cancellations prior to 5th April – Full refund, less $30 administration fee
b) Cancellations prior to 3rd May – 50% refund
c) Cancellations on or after 3rd May – no refund
d) No refund on recorded version

Note: Your place on the course is transferrable if you’re unable to attend. No fee if you are able to sort out financials your end. An administration fee of $30 will apply if we need to refund your payment and take payment for the new attendee.


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