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Physio Restore Workshops

Sydney Pelvic Clinic Physiotherapist and mother of three Felicity de Blic has brought together her knowledge from the worlds of physiotherapy, yoga and meditation, and psychology to create our Physio Restore Workshop Series. Physio Restore is a unique workshop that dives into pelvic awareness and alignment, and nervous system regulation, with the goal of creating wellness and ease in body and mind.

Physio Restore is available in three formats:

  1. Pelvic Tension for men and women
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Post-Natal Wellbeing

Physio Restore for Pelvic Tension

This 90-minute workshop incorporates movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation-based practices to address pelvic tension and its symptoms. The workshop also includes written and audio resources to support home practice.

Combining knowledge from physiotherapy, yoga and meditation, and psychology, our Physio Restore for Pelvic Tension workshops are a must for those seeking ways to address the multidimensional aspects of pelvic tension and its symptoms. Anatomical, physiological and psychological influences pelvic tension, and every person’s experience will be unique. Physio Restore includes gentle movement and breathing practices, supported postures, meditation and deep relaxation to tap into each of these components.

A key theme of the workshop is unwinding the stress response and building flexibility within the nervous system. This helps to break the cycle of stress creating more muscle tension and pain. Mindfulness principles in working with painful sensation will also be explored, to help us soften the nervous system’s sensitivity to pain.

Participants will receive two MP3 recordings of Physio Restore practices and a written posture guide to assist you to effortlessly incorporate it into your weekly self-care routine.

Who is the Physio Restore For Pelvic Tension Workshop Suitable For?

This Physio Restore Workshop is suitable for men or women who are holding pelvic tension and experiencing stress or pain.

Physio Restore for Pregnancy

This 2-hr studio workshop is tailored to support both the physical and mental health needs of women during pregnancy. This nurturing monthly practice aims to create a  community of support for pregnant women, and equip them with the tools to thrive during pregnancy, as well as navigate the intense ‘fourth trimester’ with greater wellness and ease. Participants receive postures and audio recordings to continue their practice at home.

The session combines:

  • Yoga-inspired moves and supported postures to release pregnancy-related tensions and maintain a healthy posture as the body adapts to your growing belly
  • Pelvic floor awareness and strengthening to support good pelvic health throughout pregnancy and beyond
  • Pelvic floor flexibility and relaxation to prepare the body for birthing
  • Various breathing practices to calm, to energise, and to use during labour
  • Mindfulness practices to support positive mental health
  • Deep relaxation practices to combat fatigue and manage stress

Who is the Physio Restore For Pregnancy Workshop Suitable For?

This Physio Restore Workshop is suitable for pregnant women during all trimesters.

Physio Restore for Post-Natal Wellbeing

Physio Restore for Post-Natal Wellbeing has the intention of supporting you to soften physical tensions, build awareness of activating the pelvic floor and abdominals, deeply rest, and develop a compassionate regard for your personal experience of becoming and being a mum.

We mindfully engage in these practices and the nervous system unwinds, we reconnect with feelings of calm and ease in body and mind. This time to focus 100% on yourself and your unique needs will help you build both the physical and mental resilience to not just survive, but to thrive in motherhood.

This is not a Mums ‘N’ Bubs class, but a mum’s only workshop held via Zoom from the comfort of your own home. The perfect time to arrange for family or friends to take baby for a walk or nap so you can rest and recharge.

Who is the Physio Restore For Post-Natal Wellbeing Workshop Suitable For?

This Physio Restore Workshop is suitable for post-natal mums between 6 – 24 weeks postpartum.

How Do I Book My Spot?

Please book an Initial Physio Consult to determine the exercise class most suited to your needs as it is important we know your history, exercise capabilities and specific goals before you get started. Your Physiotherapist will complete an assessment and recommend a tailored exercise plan to ensure you are booked into the right type of exercise class for you. You can visit us at our Spring St, Bondi Junction clinic, or attend your appointment via telehealth.

Health Fund Rebates

Our classes are eligible for Private Health Insurance rebates for Clients that have attended a Physio appointment first. Rebates are dependent on your individual fund and level of cover. Please check with your fund prior to booking to avoid disappointment.