Male Pelvic Health

Empowering men to create positive change in their pelvic health journey


Many men suffer with pain in the genital area, frequent or urgent urination, difficulty emptying bowels, pain with sex, and reduced erectile function. Here at SPC we treat these issues every single day, helping our clients regain their confidence and their quality of life.

Please watch our free video on Male Pelvic Pain, for a better understanding of male pelvic health and the pelvic floor and the role of the mind in pelvic pain.

Recorded by one of our experienced Pelvic Physiotherapists, you’ll learn about the male pelvic floor, the role of the mind-body connection in pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction, and the many treatment options available at SPC.

The information and practical exercises you’ll learn in this free video will give you the confidence to create positive change, and take control of your recovery.

What we cover in this video

  • How to create positive change and feel in control of your recovery
  • Understand the male pelvic floor and the role of the mind in pelvic pain
  • How SPC can help with Pelvic Pain and dysfunction


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