Pelvic Floor Release Workshop

with Cherie Redfern-Hardisty APAM


Do you need to unwind tension and stress, shift your relationship with discomfort, or promote better sleep? Our pelvic floor release program is for you! A series of 4 x 90 minute classes designed to help you work on different areas of the body. An experienced physiotherapist will guide you through a series of calm and restorative physical practices to become aware of any tension in your pelvis and body, and gently release it.

Designed by Physiotherapist Cherie Redfern-Hardisty, you’ll be guided through gentle seated and reclined postures and breathwork that optimise the mobility of your pelvic floor, release your hip flexors and calm your nervous system.

You can attend this course in person in our Sydney studio, or online via a relaxed live zoom class. You will be guided on how to set up your home space to get the most out of the program.

The four focus weeks:

Week A: Pelvic floor and the adductors
Week A focuses on releasing the adductor (inner thigh) muscle group. Overworked tight adductors have a significant impact on pelvic alignment, and often coincide with pelvic tension and pain. This 90 minute class explores soothing yoga moves, breath work and relaxation to support releasing, lengthening and creating symmetry in our adductors, while building awareness of and softening the pelvic floor.

Week B: Pelvic floor and the deep hip rotators
Week B focuses on this tricky to access group of muscles that are especially important for a healthy and happy pelvis; as they blend with the pelvic floor and house important nerve pathways that supply the perineal region. Over 90 minutes, we take a deep dive into education, gentle movement, breathwork and relaxation to support releasing tension and downregulating our stress response.

Week C: Pelvic floor, the hamstrings and posterior chain
Week C focuses on the back of the body muscle groups and the hamstrings, and how they impact on our pelvic posture and contribute to pelvic tension. Through a relaxing and informative 90 minute class, you’ll become aware of tension you didn’t even know was there, and start to relax and release these areas with the guidance of our experienced physiotherapist.

Week D: Pelvic floor, the hip flexors and anterior chain
Week D focuses on the hip flexors, abdominals and anterior (front of body) muscle groups. Sitting for long periods of time shortens our hip flexors which tug on our pelvic posture and create tension. The hip flexors are also prone to tension during times of stress, and are connected to our nervous system’s protective stress response. Incorporates postures and breathwork to slowly relax and release the anterior (front) muscle group.

Who should attend this course?

The Pelvic Floor Release Program is for anyone who wants to relieve tension and stress, promote good sleep or is looking for an enjoyable and relaxing way to release their pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. You can attend this course in the studio or via zoom.


Single $60

Single $40
Zoom link will be provided upon registration

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