Is pain or embarrassment stopping your child or teen from living a normal and happy life? We can help to identify and treat all kinds of kids’ continence issues.


Sydney Pelvic Clinic provides physiotherapy, exercise and massage services for kids and teenagers suffering with the following common conditions, to help them grow and thrive at their best.

Bed Wetting
(Nocturnal Enuresis)

Involuntary emptying of the bladder at night is not due to laziness or naughtiness. But it can cause distress for both the child and the family. We can help!

Constipation or Faecal

If your child has hard poo, toilet pain or poo smearing on their undies, it could indicate a problem inside the pelvic region. A bowel management plan can help.

Daytime Wetting

There are many reasons a child over four may have toilet accidents. We will explore this with you and come up with an effective treatment plan to eliminate this problem.

Pain with Urinating or Defecating

If your child expresses pain, or fear of pain when they wee or poo this is an indication that they require a medical or physiotherapy review.

Bed Wetting: It’s Common But It Can Be Treated

Bed wetting is not an issue that can be cured by controlling fluid intake or threatening punishments. Instead, it needs to be approached with compassion, while you look for a treatment solution.

Poo Problems: Helping Your Child With Constipation or Faecal Incontinence

Have you looked at your child’s poo recently? Let’s brush up on our knowledge of the factors that can impact a child’s bowel habits, as well as how to identify the 7 types of human poo.

Put an End to Embarrassing Incidents: How We Treat Daytime Wetting

Whether it’s an overactive or underactive bladder, bad bathroom habits, or a more serious medical issue – here’s how to get your child or teen back to a happier, dryer life.

When Toilet Time is Painful

Parental awareness is key to noticing when your child or teen is avoiding the toilet due to pain. Some kids stop eating, others develop a fear of the bathroom. Here are some tips on how to work through that bathroom anxiety.


Chronic bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and faecal incontinence are embarrassing, painful, and potentially harmful to a child’s long term physical and mental health. Book an appointment with our children’s pelvic physio to determine the best health plan for them.

The Sydney Pelvic Clinic team of children’s physiotherapists in Sydney provide this information for parents with children or teenagers suffering with pelvic pain, daytime wetting, bed wetting, faecal incontinence, child constipation or other kids continence issues. Sydney Pelvic Clinic offers children’s pelvic physiotherapy services, as well as exercise plans and treatment for kids, to help to stop bed wetting and daytime incontinence or any kind of pelvic pain. Our experienced team is here to advise on the best ways to manage constipation in children, child prolonged diarrhea, children who have pain while toileting or pain when urinating, and kids painful urination no infection. SPC have an experienced and compassionate team of kids continence physios. While Sydney Pelvic Health Clinic makes every effort to ensure the information in this website is accurate and informative, this information does not take the place of one-on-one professional or medical advice. Do not use this information to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, or as a substitute for a consultation with our trained health professionals. Sydney Pelvic Clinic is located in Bondi Junction in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and in St Leonards Sydney, and provides physio-led exercise classes, massage therapies, and physiotherapy services with experienced pelvic physios who can help with any pelvic health condition. Consultations are private and confidential, and can be booked online or by calling the Bondi Junction clinic.