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Sydney Pelvic Clinic February Newsletter

February returns us to routine. With work, life and school resuming their familiar rhythm, 2020 is well and truly underway.

We recently held our annual AJP & SPC Team Day.  Here we come together as a team to review the year that was and set our shared goals for the year ahead. This year our theme is “Growth and Collaboration”.  For us, “growth” means to constantly learn and improve through developing our skills and knowledge to improve the services we provide to our community. Every team member, from admin to physio and massage therapist has a growth plan mapped out, setting the course for an exciting 2020. “Collaboration” enables us to join forces with like-minded health professionals, helping us deliver improved outcomes to patients who require help beyond our physiotherapy borders. Stay tuned for some new faces who will join us on our quest in the months ahead.

We would like to acknowledge two special members of our community, Sarah & David Howell. They are long term patients, and have been attending our Physio & Yoga classes for many years. Sarah and David are members of the Mt Wilson Rural Fire Service, and played critical roles in protecting their local environment in the recent bushfires. As such, we are raising money to help support this local RFS brigade to better equip themselves for the future. We are matching every dollar raised in the donation box at reception in addition to providing a complimentary massage to all Mt Wilson RFS members. We hope this gives them some well-deserved TLC after their heroic efforts.

Term 1 has begun, and it has been lovely to see all your smiling faces back in the clinic. We have a great term of classes planned for you to continue to build a fit, strong and injury-resistant body.  Remember to book in for your annual Exercise Class Assessment (code 500) to be able to claim your classes with your Private Health Insurance. This assessment will enable us to tailor the classes to suit your goals for 2020.  As part of the assessment you can choose between an ultrasound of your deep core muscles, muscle power assessment of your hip/pelvic muscles or perhaps a tailored home program to compliment your classes.

Our tip of the month comes from our pelvic physiotherapist, Alison ‘Ally’ Hui. Ally’s article is ‘The plug on pessaries.’ We would like all women to know using pessaries is a low risk, low cost, evidence-based treatment for managing pelvic organ prolapse. As always, please share this resource with anyone who would benefit from this information.

Yours in Health, 
Angela James.

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