Pelvic Organ Prolapse

A clinical and competency-based approach
With Angela James MACP, assisted by Jacqui Carr APAM


Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a bothersome condition which affects up to 50% of Australian women. POP has a significant impact on women’s quality of life, participation in exercise, ability to effectively void and defecate, self-esteem and confidence. Conservative management, led by a suitably trained pelvic health physiotherapist, can dramatically improve symptoms and quality of life for these women.

This course has a strong focus on a biopsychosocial clinical framework and competency-based training to improve your effectiveness in managing POP. The course builds your evidence-based knowledge of POP, and your clinical assessment skills via a supervised POP assessment workshop. The tutors involved in this course are all post-graduate trained with advanced skills in POP management and experience in competency-based training.

Course Summary

This course will include the following:
1. Biopsychosocial, clinical and competency-based frameworks
2. Definitions and prevalence of different types of POP
3. POP phenotypes, including specific symptomatic profile
4. Evidence-based risk factors for POP
5. Advanced pelvic anatomy and relevant to POP
6. Pathophysiology of POP, including fascial defects, role of PFM, impact of vaginal birth
7. Emotional impact of POP and how to effectively screen and manage this aspect of patient care
8. Evidence-based management for POP:
    a. PFMT
    b. Lifestyle advice
    c. Bladder and bowel habits
    d. Brief discussion of pessaries – training of pessaries will not be included in this course
9. Patient reported outcome measures for POP – including psychosocial screening
10. Clinical assessment workshop including intimate peer examinations with supervision/feedback. The following key skills will be included:
    a. Genital hiatus (gh) + perineal body (pb) measurement
    b. Comprehensive pelvic floor muscle assessment, including levator avulsion assessment, using most updated terminology
    c. POP staging – modified POP-Q system
11. Case summary

Who This Course Is For

This course is for Clinicians only. To join, you must have had experience with vaginal examinations.

Event Date & Time

Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm
Date: Sunday 18th September 2022

Attendance Options

There are three options to attend this event:

Face to Face

Includes live lectures and a workshop to practice and receive feedback on clinical skills, plus a competency-based checklist used to guide ongoing learning needs.

Early Bird: (to be paid by 4th July 2022)
$400 + GST ($440 including GST)

Standard: (to be paid by 1st August 2022)
$440 + GST ($484 including GST)

Location: Sydney Pelvic Clinic, 17 – 25 Spring St, Bondi Junction


Join and interact with the lecture online and watch an online demonstration of comprehensive POP/PFM assessment with Angela James MACP.

Early Bird: (to be paid by 4th July 2022)
$330 + GST ($363 including GST)

Standard: (to be paid by 1st August 2022)
$360 + GST ($396 including GST)

Delivery: Online via Zoom

Recorded Version

Receive a link to access recording of lecture and demonstration of comprehensive POP/PFM assessment with Angela James MACP.

$360 + GST ($396 including GST)


To enquire about this event or make a booking, please contact reception by email:

Cancellation Policy

a) Cancellations prior to 4th July– Full refund, less $30 administration fee
b) Cancellations prior to 1st August – 50% refund
c) Cancellations on or after 1st August – no refund

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